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Nicotine Use Disorder

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Nicotine Use Disorder

Nicotine Use Disorder serving Colorado

Nicotine use disorder involves compulsively using cigarettes, chewing tobacco, vaping, or nicotine in any other form. Psychiatric nurse practitioner Andrea D. Skrocki, provides telepsychiatry services across Colorado from her office in Denver, Colorado, to treat your nicotine use disorder using evidence-based care. Call Andrea Skrocki, or schedule an evaluation online today.

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Nicotine Use Disorder Q & A

What is nicotine use disorder?

Nicotine use disorder is a dependency on products that contain nicotine, such as cigarettes and vapes. Nicotine is a substance that is as addictive as heroin and cocaine, but you can purchase products that contain it at many convenience stores, grocery stores, and gas stations as long as you’re over 18. 

Nicotine comes from tobacco, which you can find in cigarettes. It’s chemically extracted from the plant and formulated into vaping products too. You can smoke it in other forms, like hookahs and cigars. You may have nicotine use disorder if you use any of these products compulsively.

Andrea invites you to book a telepsychiatry consultation if you have concerns about your nicotine use, which lasts for 50-60 minutes. You attend this meeting remotely and discuss your habits around nicotine products. 

What are the signs of nicotine use disorder?

Nicotine use disorder has distinctive symptoms no matter what your preferred method of nicotine use is. You or those around you might notice:

  • The inability to stop using nicotine products
  • Withdrawal symptoms like cravings and anxiety
  • Organizing your social life around your ability to smoke
  • Health issues that come from heavy smoking, like lung or heart disease

You might make one or more attempts to stop smoking before you seek professional psychiatric care. A personalized treatment plan can help you control your habit for good using evidence-based strategies. 

How can I manage my nicotine use or vape use?

Andrea diagnoses your nicotine use disorder or vape use during your initial remote evaluation. She can then develop an individualized care plan to address your dependency. You might benefit from the following:


Nicotine-replacement therapies gradually reduce your nicotine intake so you can slow your use to a stop. They reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms to help make quitting easier. Some require a prescription, while others do not.


Counseling services help you develop the personal skills to modify your own feelings and behaviors around smoking. 

While either or both of these options can help, you should avoid simply giving up your current form of nicotine in favor of another. Switching from cigarettes to vaping, for example, will not help you manage your nicotine dependency. 

If you have symptoms of nicotine use disorder and are ready to try professional care, call Andrea Skrocki, or schedule an appointment online today.