Andrea D. Skrocki Psychiatric NP

Located in Denver, serving Colorado via Telehealth
Virtual Visits and Credit/Debit Card Only

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What is the process for getting an appointment with Andrea?

1)  Once a patient books a "New Patient" appointment, Andrea will coordinate with the patient online (or, on the phone if needed).  She will send the patient all of the screening forms to determine if the patient's needs and concerns align with Andrea's expertise. 

2)  After the screening is approved, Andrea will send the patient the remaining forms to sign electonically.

3)  Upon receiving back ALL of the signed electronic forms, Andrea will contact the patient (electronically) to make and confirm an appointment (50-60 min).   Sorry, no same-day or next-day appointments granted due to screening process.

If patients are quick to respond and send in their forms, this entire process can occur as quickly as a few days. But typically Andrea can see new patients within 1-2 weeks after their initial booking appointment on the website.  


Does Andrea take insurance? 

No. Andrea is a self-pay practice and does not accept insurance. There are many reasons for this. As an out of network provider, Andrea is able to spend more time with patients as well as determine the optimal length and type of treatment with no influence of an insurance company.

In addition, many folks nowadays have high deductible health insurance plans, or no insurance at all. Andrea’s private pay fees are often more affordable for patients, versus what the insurance company would reimburse her at and charge the patient in turn for.

Andrea can provide a ‘Super Bill’ (itemized medical receipt) which can be sent to a patient’s insurance company for percentage reimbursement based on the individuals ‘Out of Network’ benefits. This Super Bill outlines the services, diagnoses, and fees for services rendered. It is recommended to check with your insurance plan for specific details.
Andrea will charge a credit card on file (credit card, debit card, HSA card, Apple Pay) after services are rendered that day. Patients will never receive a bill months later with little explanation for the bill.

Can I see Andrea if I have MEDICAID or MEDICARE, and just pay out of pocket instead of using my insurance?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. The patient (YOU) could lose their state assisted benefits and Andrea could get into legal trouble. A provider must be credentialled with Medicaid/Medicare, and Andrea is not.

Can I meet with Andrea in person? 

Andrea is only providing telepsychiatry appointments in the state of Colorado
at this time. Patients must be physically present in Colorado during appointments and live a majority of their time in this state.  

Will Andrea complete disability, workman compensation, court or other paperwork? 

Andrea does not complete disability, court, or workman’s compensation paperwork for disability services. Those services are best rendered in person with frequent visits with a psychiatric provider.

Andrea will work with a patient on accommodation paperwork for certain circumstances like professional exams (such as LSAT, MCAT), and other college accommodations. Emotional Support Animal letters will be written based on the specific needs and accommodations; excluding airplane travel.

Can Andrea order labs? 

Andrea can order labs through Lab Corp, but recommends that each patient have a primary provider to treat any abnormal levels warranting further medical workup or treatment. A common lab that Andrea will test for is Vitamin D deficiency.

Can Andrea Prescribe Medications to me if I'm traveling out of Colorado?

The short answer is no.  Due to DEA and prescribing laws, all controlled medications (ie. stimulants) can only be filled in the state of Colorado where the patient lives and Andrea has a license.  Andrea will NOT send any controlled medications to a patient out of state.

If a patient is traveling and has lost or needs a temporary refill of another other medications (such as antidepressants, alpha agonists, sleep medications, anxiety medications, etc) she can send a refill to the pharmacy in Colorado and the patient can have that transferred one time to an out of state pharmacy, pending their insurance coverage.